Do You Know Earl Grey?

Do You Know Earl Grey?

Everybody knows Earl Grey. It’s tea, right? But what do you know about the person that the tea is named after?


Earl Grey is black tea infused with the essential oil of bergamot. Bergamot is a really weird fruit. Part orange and part lime, it is mostly grown in Calabria, Italy. It gives the tea a distinctive aftertaste and is one of the most common blends available.


The tea is named after Charles Grey, 2nd Earl Grey. I imagine you know the tea, but do you know the man? He was the British prime minister who authored the 1832 bill that abolished slavery in the British empire. Such an important event in colonial history merits collective memory, that is for certain. Nonetheless, I can’t help but wonder whether Charlie imagined that a blend of tea named after him would outlast his political legacy.

Earl Grey tea can be used to make a variety of delicious drinks. One popular example is the London Fog, a tea latte made with vanilla and Earl Grey. “Lady Grey” is an evolution of the original tea with cornflowers added, which makes the tea taste creamier. Earl Grey also tastes great with gin.

Now you know. Every time you take a sip of this tasty tea, think of the unintentionally modest Earl of Grey, for whom this tasty caffeinated treat is named.