Leifmans Fruitesse: Beer On The Rocks


We started a lovely meal at the Church Key Bistro-Pub in London, ON with Leifmans Fruitesse on the rocks. I had never been offered beer “on the rocks” before so, naturally, I had to try it. As it happens, everyone at my table decided to follow suit and we all loved it!

Leifmans has a long history. Founded in the 17th century by Jacobus Liefmans in Oudenaarde Belgium, you can definitely taste the history. It wasn’t until around 1900 that they started brewing with black cherry. The idea originated when local farmers began trading their leftover black cherry harvests in exchange for beer. Sounds like a good deal to me!

Sweet just like the more common Früli, Leifmans is far more nuanced. The flavours found include strawberry, raspberry, cherry, blueberry, and elderberry. It definitely doesn’t taste like beer! The ice takes away from the syrupy quality that sweet beers can often have as you approach the bottom of your glass and it also gives you the impression that you are drinking a fancy cocktail.

Speaking of cocktails, Leifmans lists a variety of cocktail ideas if you feel creative. They suggest pairing the beer with flavours like mint, chili, lavender, orange, and basil. If 4.2% ABV isn’t enough for you, I would recommend using bourbon or vodka to give your cocktails an extra punch.

Check out the Church Key

Check out Leifmans Fruitesse


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