Try Anderson’s Craft Pumpkin Ale


Today I am drinking Anderson’s seasonal Pumpkin Ale at UWO’s Grad Club. It is delicious! Anderson has put together a much more subtle offering than most pumpkin beers I have had this season. I am getting hints of pumpkin and spice but it definitely isn’t sweet or overpowering. I can taste the freshness that is an indicator of a local brew made with high-quality ingredients.


Anderson is a recent addition to London, ON’s craft brewery line-up and it is quickly becoming my favourite thanks to their consistently top-notch products. Started by home-brewing father and son duo, Jim and Gavin Anderson, this family brewery is far from amateur. Located in London’s rapidly developing Old East Village, the independent brewery crafts a full line-up of tasty brews which can be found at a number of locations across London and in stores.


If you get the chance to try any of Anderson Craft Ales’ products, don’t pass it up. Buying Anderson would mean supporting the local economy (presuming you’re from Ontario),  and it would also mean a tasty and refreshing brew to enjoy.

Check out Anderson Craft Ales

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