Vietnamese Cafés Episode 1: Station Coffee


This is the closest coffee shop to the apartment I am staying at in Hanoi. It is quite a cool spot to come and hang out in. Everywhere has wifi in Hanoi so that isn’t what makes Station Coffee so cool, although since it’s facilitating this blog post it is worth a mention.


It is a cosy little space with some small benches and tables, it features a patio across the street. Hanoi is packed with cafés but I thought I would start close to home and work my way outwards. My first stop was far from disappointing. The barista even has one of those trendy aprons that I have seen in Montreal and Toronto coffee spots.


I started out with the classic Vietnamese coffee.  Thick black, super strong coffee is shaken with ice to create a nice froth, then the ice and coffee are poured over sweet condensed milk. You are in charge of stirring and scraping the sweet goodness from the bottom of the cup. I downed mine in just a few sips. So rich and delicious.


While I was drinking my coffee another gentleman walked in and ordered something that I thought looked quite refreshing. After I was finished, I asked the man behind the counter what he had ordered. “Passionfruit” was all he said, “I’ll have one please” was my response. Not a mistake. A passionfruit syrup is mixed with ice and water in this cool little bottle to make a delightful yet simple treat. I’m glad I took a cue from that man, locals do know best more often than not.

If you find yourself in Hanoi, stop by Station Coffee in Hà Đông, Hà Nội, Vietnam!


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