Painless Shots to Fight the Flu

We all know that when the cold arrives, the ‘Get Your Flu Shot’ signs start appearing everywhere you go (even when I’m grocery shopping ughh). Whether you decide to get the shot or not, it is definitely important to prime our bodies in other ways for the cold and unwanted germs travelling in the air. Eating, or better yet, DRINKING your way to health is a fast and easy way to get a lot of the nutrients you need to stay well.

The Wellness Shots

I’ve recently come across this humble organic juice bar that is tucked away in a quieter area of downtown Mississauga. A friend had recommended me to visit this place because of its healthy & delicious menu options, and so during one of my short visits home from school, I decided to check it out – The Cold Pressery.


The Cold Pressery is a fantastic place for all the health nuts & vegans out there. When you walk in, you get this urban vibe with warm and homey undertones. You’re welcomed with this grand hand made menu on one side of the cafe, and this beautiful mural of the Mississauga skyline on the other side. Their menu offers a variety of drinks – organic juices (of course), smoothies, coffee, lattes, matcha, ciders, nut milks, and more – as well as a range of vegan desserts and food options (apparently the acai bowl is to die for).

I ordered the Wellness Shots in light of the flu season. They had a few options to choose from, and I got the  Camu Camu, Spirullina, & Chlorella. These were densely packed with nutrients and some were surprisingly tasty (especially the Camu Camu which had a sweet cinnamon flavour to it).

coldpresseryhealthshots(from healthiest to tastiest)

I definitely will be stopping by The Cold Pressery again!

Website: The Cold Pressery

Instagram: @thecoldpressery



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